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Daily Routines and Procedures

What to bring

We ask that your child bring a complete change of cloths to keep in their cubby at all times, including socks and underwear. If your child has to use his/her back up clothing we ask that you bring home the dirty clothing that you find in their cubby and replace the clothing so we have a new fresh change in case of another accident. Please label all your child's belongings. Diapers and wipes must be provided the the Infant, Toddler and wee preschool classroom. Additionally, seasonally-appropriate  clothing is also required. If their is a scheduled activity that requires your child to wear a particular piece, or color of clothing, we will let you know. During the winter months when your child would be wearing boots to school, we ask that you leave a pair of sneakers or other shoes in his/her cubby for wear during the day inside. 


Creative Beginnings provides ample parking for parents dropping off and or picking their child up in our secure parking Lott off Gorham Road. for every ones safety, please proceed slowly and with caution when accessing the parking lot. Please call the school in the morning no later then 9 am if your child will not be attending school on a scheduled day. Please let a teacher know when your child is arriving or being taken home before leaving the building. 


When arriving to pick up your child, please retrieve his or her belongings from their cubby and check the parent board and or mail cubbies for any informational handouts or sign up sheets for events. Again, Please check with a teacher before leaving the building with your child. If you wish your child to be picked up on a certain day by anyone other than yourself, you must provide written permission and the person picking up must be listed on the authorization list to pick up form. WE WILL NOT RELEASE A CHILD TO ANYONE WHO IS NOT AUTHORIZED FOR ANY REASON. we will ask for identification upon pick up.


Pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Creative Beginnings is required to obtain permission to utilize photographs of your child taken while attending the school. Photos may be taken for school projects, bulletin boards, website, weeks in review, mementos or the like, in accordance with each parent's wishes as indicated on the Consent to Utilize Photographs form in the registration information packet. 


Call the school in the morning, if your child will not be attending school on a scheduled day. Unfortunately, makeup days are not offered.

Discipline Policy

Children at our Center will nor receive physical punishment. In situations where conflict occurs, children will be encouraged to verbalize their anger and concerns. We strongly believe in positive reinforcement and redirection as the solution to conflict, as this removes the child from the situation calmy and allows them to reflect on what they have done. Time outs are rarely, if ever used as a form of discipline, unless the redirection is not working and the child needs to be removed from the situation. In that case the child will be brought to the reading area to quietly gather their thoughts and read a book. Discipline in our Center will always be positive, productive and immediate when behavior is inappropriate.

Removal of a Child by the Parent

At Creative Beginnings Childcare Center, we strive to exceed your expectations. However, if you need to withdraw your child from enrollment, we require you to give us a two-week notice before leaving. 

Dismissal of a Child by the Center

Creative Beginnings reserves the right to permanently dismiss a child from enrollment for any of the following reasons:

• The child is requiring an excessive amount of time and energy from staff members, at the expense of the other children in the school.
• The child continually demonstrates destructive, uncontrolled, or inappropriate behavior, risking the well-being of the other children in the school.
• The child's parents fail to comply with the State of Maine Immunization Requirements, within 30 days of the child’s admission to the facility.
• The child's parents consistently fail to pay the tuition.

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